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Discover the precise method I used to overcome my depression and control my anxiety using cold immersion, all in just a few days.

In this E-Book I offer you in-depth insight into the mechanisms of emotional regulation and the significant role that stress plays in our daily lives.

I then reveal to you an exhaustive exploration of the practice of cold water immersion, enriched with a protocol developed to guide you. To facilitate your journey, I offer daily support over a period of 31 days, intended to help you integrate this method into your routine, thus transforming your approach to well-being and resilience.

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I tried every possible technique

From meditation to massages, controlled breathing techniques and hypnosis, not forgetting the use of medication -

None of these methods has been as effective as cold immersion.

Build a mind of steel

Creating this ebook was an exciting and challenging undertaking. Based on the analysis of no less than 100 studies, this project required hundreds of hours of work dedicated to the in-depth understanding of each research. Our goal was to summarize the points Exposure to cold is not only recognized for its effectiveness in regulating mood and improving stress management, but it also teaches us to develop mental resilience by voluntarily placing ourselves in uncomfortable situations.

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Science-Based Mastery

In this book, I reveal everything you need to know about cold immersion.

- You will discover the crucial role of stress

- The physiological mechanisms at play

- Benefits and contraindications

- The detailed protocol


Take action from day one.

Unlike other works that get lost in mentally masturbating over an imaginary future, my book is a true practical guide that accompanies you day after day for a month, providing you with clear guidelines to enrich your life.

As a bonus, I'm sharing with you my 30 favorite motivational quotes, one for each day, to inspire and support you in your journey.