Anti-Discrimination Policy

Published by BronsonDiaz
May 11, 2018


This policy applies to all USA Track & Field, Inc. (“USATF”) full time, part time, temporary, and
unpaid employees (“employees”) as well as independent contractors, officers, directors,
committee members, members, athletes, coaches, athlete representatives, officials, and


USATF is committed to leadership in the sport of track & field in the United States and
internationally, and because we operate in the public spotlight, we are expected to conduct our
affairs consistent with this great trust that has been placed upon us. This requires that our
behavior conform to the highest ethical, moral, and legal principles. For these reasons, and in
compliance with applicable laws, USATF prohibits discrimination on the bases set forth below.


Any USATF activity or event should be open to any USATF member properly qualified under the
rules of that activity or event. No employee, independent contractor, officer, director, committee
member, member, athlete, coach, athlete representative, official, or volunteer of USATF shall
discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, creed,
physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or any other classification protected by
applicable local, state or federal laws, where applicable.

The above policy includes restricting the ability of a USATF member to qualify for or participate
in competition based on the above classifications and discriminating in the allocation of
resources and/or opportunities to any USATF member or prospective USATF member based on
the above classifications, provided that the member is properly qualified under the rules of such
competition or opportunity.