Coaching Education

Published by BronsonDiaz
May 11, 2018

The coaching education program provides educational opportunities for all levels of coaches, from grass roots to the elite level. The program is comprised of three progressional levels, each of which has the following components:

    • Sport Science
      Extensive instruction in sport science is covered in order to provide a scientific basis of understanding for rational development of technique and training programs. The sport science portion has been developed by the American Coaching Effectiveness Program (ACEP) and the USATF National Coaching Education Committee. It includes sport psychology, pedagogy, and sports medicine.
    • Technical, Event-Specific Instruction
      Throws, jumps, sprints/hurdles, and endurance events are all covered at the basic level in this school. Event-specific instruction is progressive in nature. Consequently, at Levels 2 and 3, each event is covered in greater depth and detail than the previous level.
    • Hands-on Training
      Experience is the best teacher. Minimum standards of practical experience are expected of participants at each level.

Education Levels

Coaching Track & Field - Intended for entry level coaches, parents or volunteers/officials at any level.

Level 1 - basic knowledge course that emphasizes rules, basic mechanics, and teaching progressions.
Level 2 - more in-depth training in an event specific group (sprints/hurdles/relays, endurance, jumps, throws, combined events).
Level 3 - very high-level seminar structure educational experience in a specific event area.